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Systematically dismissed....

“Go to another country and play football... There is no oppression in the last 100 years that I know of.” ~Mike Ditka The very people screaming that systemic racism doesn’t exist are the people who aren’t affected by it. I’m happy that Mike Ditka hasn’t been oppressed in his life, but many of us aren’t so lucky. I finally asked my husband the question I’ve been subconsciously avoiding, “If you were still playing what would you do?” I haven’t been avoiding the question because I was afraid of the answer. I think in my heart I already knew the answer. I’d been avoiding the question, because the way my mouth is set up I knew knowing Peerless’s heart and hearing his feelings from his mouth would make it less likely for me to be able ignore ignorant and misinformed posts on social media. I know my husband’s struggles. I’ve seen him racially profiled. I’ve heard the stories of his childhood, and I listened to him with my sole intent being to understand why his fear/disregard/ill feelings towards most law enforcement officers are what they are. Systemic racism exists. It’s a thing. Please miss me with the explanations of why it doesn’t; how everyone can pull themselves up by their bootstraps and work their way out of bad situations. I’ll call bullshit on that every time. And I’ll give you facts, statistics, and examples. Do you think inner cities want to be in the states they are in??? Had P not been blessed with the athletic abilities he was, hadn’t played in the league for the time he did, wasn’t who people perceive him as being I can guarantee that he wouldn’t be invited to play golf/go to dinner/sit in the suites with some of the company he’s been around. We are blessed beyond measure. But we also realize that the life we live isn’t the norm. Systemic racism exists. Period. Point blank. You’re tired of hearing about it? Then you might be a part of the problem. And maybe now you won’t invite me to lunch or to drink red wine with you. But?? I don’t give a sh*t. What’s real is real. And racism is real.

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