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When soccer girls get fancy....

The fact that we are already in March of 2018 has not been lost on me. Not at all. March is two months away from May. May is the month in which Noodle will graduate from high school and begin an intensive summer training program as she prepares for her collegiate soccer career. I literally cry once a week. Do you understand how often that is? And it's never about the same thing. One day I'll cry thinking about how far away from me she'll be. One day I'll cry because she forgets something at home and I have to take it to her, and I'll realize how impossible that will be in a couple of months. Some days I just cry. Saturday, however, I cried when my beautiful soccer player dolled it all the way up to attend prom with one of her good guy friends. Now, when I saw the dress she wore I knew it was 'her', and she wasn't even with me. So when we went back for her to try it on and it fit like a glove it was like magic. I suggested a hairstyle, makeup, and accessories; and Noodle indulged me and let me pick it all. And dear GOD. She looked liked a Hollywood superstar. So, Saturday I cried. I cried tears of joy, of pride, and of fear. Fear because this beautiful being is soon to leave the nest and go out into the world. Fear because I know how amazingly beautiful this child is on the inside, and I cannot stand the thought of this crazy world coming in and messing with her 'her' at all. Saturday night was magical. There was supposed to be a torrential downpour, but somehow the heavens held off until we got Noodle home safe and sound. Looking at the pictures from Saturday night I am reminded of how very blessed I am--blessed more than I deserve. This world is getting a special, beautiful, smart, compassionate woman here in the next few months. I hope love surrounds her and she is able to walk in her light and in her purpose always in all ways.

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